Thankful Week 1 – Why Start This Challenge?

Like I mentioned in the previous post, with the entire list for 52 weeks of gratitude, I had been meaning to start on this sometime last year… so that I can get done with the list by the time that 2015 ended and also get into a regular blogging habit. That did not work out – blame my laziness, or whatever else…

Now why did I choose this topic list? From what I have written in the past, it seemed as if I am more of a negative-minded blogger… not exactly the pessimistic kind, mind you! So, I thought that it was time for me to actually get down to it and acknowledge those who helped me get anything out of my life. Yes, I might be a disappointment to some, an overachiever to a few others, and a who-is-this-any-more to a lot of my friends/acquaintances… and I am sorry to say that I have been so out of touch with my friends, relatives and even myself that this review is definitely a very useful one.

This would help me identify how I became a better person over time, and those who helped me in becoming such… it would also help me give up any regained shortcomings and get back to that better state I was in. 🙂

Getting back to blogging and re-becoming (if that is a word at all! :/ ) a better person as I once was – and am now, as well – while saying thanks where it is due… that is the reason why I took up this exercise. Is there some selfishness here? Sure, but hey, this much is not too bad now, is it? 😛


What are your thoughts on this? Comment away...

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