About Sai K

Well… about me… that is a question that great saints have sought the answer to… others equally great have realized the futility in seeking an answer to it.

Me, being too lazy to investigate either way, and too much of a smartass to let this be as is, will bid you welcome to the lair of the multicurious multi-mis-speaker.

For those interested in the purely mundane, my name is Sai. I finished a PhD in Engineering. As far as alumni networks are concerned, I am an IITian from IITM, and a Buckeye from Ohio State. Work-wise, I am into CFD.

I am a big-time reader, with LOTR and the Middle Earth universe ranking as my fave ever; obviously JRR Tolkien is my favourite author. Douglas Adams and PG Wodehouse are my other favourite authors.

Apart from reading, football (the proper version, not the American padded variety) is a big liking. I have my team, Arsenal, whose games I try never to miss…


What are your thoughts on this? Comment away...

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