What is the best 5-word story you’ve heard/thought of?

Another Answer by Me on Quora:

What is the best 5-word story you’ve heard/thought of?

  • “And then, we had cupcakes!!!”
  • There he sat, comfortably nervous.
  • What goes on in there?
  • He Said – She Said: Marriage…
  • “I Am Everywhere”, said Death.
  • “Who cares… we’re hardcore fans!”

All coined by me on the spur of the moment. Maybe more will come, and the answer will be edited as and when they do… 🙂

Yes, yes… I know I am sharing here a lot of my Quora answers nowadays. But what to do, that is where most of my five-to-ten line daily writing is happening nowadays – answering questions seems to give me a topic to write on.

And yeah, guys, gals, and everyone in between, please do share your 5-word stories here in the comments as well. Also, do let me know of your take on mine. As mentioned in that answer above – I will update that answer as well as this blog post as I think of new ones myself. 🙂


“BIG BEN” Before Becoming the Clock Tower Name….

It is quite an interesting tale, how the name Big Ben became popular, and became used to refer to bulky Benjamins, one of whom eventually lent his name to the famous clock tower in London. It all started long before in the streets of London itself (where else?) in Woolwich in the mid-1600’s.

Let us go back to those days into the dockyards of Woolwich, and meet Benedict, the man this piece is about. In those days he was not called Big Ben. No, then he was called Big Dick, because he was a dick; there is no delicate way of putting it, no better way of putting it – that was simply what he was. Growing up among the docks, working with the dockworkers and deckhands, it could be understandable to have a bit a coarse nature, but he was a bad man who was feared by those very same dockworkers. There were others like him in town – in fact, the army posted a battalion in regular attendance to prevent major fights and any damage to goods coming in or going out from Woolwich. Yet he was the most feared.

And then, one day, it all changed. No one knows what happened exactly – he never said much. It all changed, and for the better… [Ed’s note – From what scant evidence there is available from a priest’s diary about a confession, all that can be said is that he had a direct talk with a young child who didn’t know who he was and just asked why grown-ups like him do such awful bullying, which led to his own introspection]

Since the change he took up a personal crusade of sorts. What the army battalion had been posted to do, he started doing on his own. He started getting the help of the armed men when strictly necessary, but tried getting the dockworkers to organize themselves to work better, and save money to improve their lives. Those same people that used to call him Big Dick behind his back out of fear now called him just Dick or Ben out of affection. Over time, he had his new friends in the military help him have the new ordinance storage depot in Woolwich start armaments/ammunition manufacture to create new jobs in his village. People (even those in the army) were already calling him Big Ben out of love and respect by then… the touch of white in his hair helped, no doubt.

Big Dick to Dick to Ben to Big Ben – quite a journey for a man that ended up touching quite a lot of lives…

Note: This is all imaginary stuff (obviously) I had to write because I wanted to write something, and when I asked a friend for an idea, the first thing he said was “Big Dick”. Of course, his nickname in college was Little Dick, and I suppose that is still subconsciously gnawing at his mind. 😛 I thought about writing that, but this seemed better. Dedicated, of course, to the one who gave the idea. To AK, LD6. 😀  Comment away, everyone…

Originally written – 17 March 2014.

My first bit of creative writing, if I can call it that…

I am a lonely person. I am a busy person. To explain what I do is actually pretty simple. Now that I have some time on my hands, let me do just that. But this short note on myself will not be as simple as what I do, because I am very complex.

I am the head of an international enterprise. I hold the absolute monopoly in the field and that explains why I am so busy. I have been doing the same thing for as long as I remember. I am too old now to even contemplate those heady early days  when I first sensed the opportunity. Now, of course, everyone knows what  I do. In fact, no one on this planet can say that they haven’t known me.  I am in the transportation and courier services industry – to put it very broadly. But let me assure you, this is unlike any of those  overnight or overseas delivery companies you see advertised on TV and hoardings and where-not these days. My service is the fastest and the most wide-spread one by far. I provide my services to everyone, and I don’t charge a penny! There are, however, many related industries which thrive because of work that I do. I don’t have any problem whatsoever with that. To each his own. All I ever wanted was power, absolute power, which I wield already.

I run a very tight ship, taking care of almost all the transactions my enterprise is involved in. Not for me the laissez-faire management and delegation that every one seems to engage in nowadays. This has led many to believe that I am at many places at the same time. They are not too wrong actually. Of course, I do give a lot of leeway to my dedicated development staff. They’re still learning. In the early years of my career, I used to be very innovative, if I say so myself. I was the first one to realize the benefits of economy in bulk. I was the pioneer in mass-targeted outreach campaigns. At the same time I am also a strong advocate of personalized individual attention for all my clients. Little surprise then that my clientèle includes the best among men, and the worst among men. Not that they have any alternate choice in the  matter. Call me boastful if you will, but this is the truth. It’s been too long since those days though. Everything those kids in development tell me nowadays, I have done before. But there are some exciting new ideas, which seem very promising in the field trials. Of course, they’re all variations of previous experiences of mine. I am getting bored – maybe it is because of the monopoly I have! You wouldn’t have seen me indulging in such retrospective musings just sometime back.

There  are, however, some interesting wrinkles to iron over every now and then. Some people don’t quite understand that they don’t have a choice in whether they deal with me or not. It’s just a matter of time. I am patient; I can wait. You’d come to me yourself someday. If you don’t, I’ll come myself, personally, to make sure you don’t miss your appointment with me. Considerate of me, isn’t it? There are again those who think that they’d deal with me on their own terms – fat chance of that actually being true. I think I deserve to use those words immortalized by Don Corleone more than he ever did – I make people the offers they can’t refuse, really can’t refuse. To all those pretentious many who think they can say that they’ve   dealt with me on their own terms, I have this to say – I win all the time; and the terms are my own. Do not deceive yourselves.

There goes my buzzer – I am already late for an appointment, and in spite of the monopoly I have, I don’t believe in keeping people waiting. I have been too cryptic so far. So let me introduce myself and get this over with.

I am the Grim Reaper. Yes, I am Death… And I will come see you sometime. You can count on that, if on nothing else!

Sai’s Note – I have been wanting to write something for quite a while now.  These last two sentences “I am the Grim Reaper. Yes, I am Death!” popped up in my head, from nowhere. So this is a very poor attempt at expanding on those two sentences without giving out anything in all that precedes these sentences. Hopefully this isn’t too bad an attempt – I solely blame my long layoff period from writing for anything bad about this piece. Feedback welcome, obviously.

Originally written – January 29, 2006.